Monday, December 1, 2008

Contract signed

A well over due update:

We had our tender appointment three weeks ago and luckily our site costs came in well under the 9k we had budgeted for at just over 5k. sweet

As we had saved a little on the sites costs we decided to spend the money on some more pot draws in the kitchen and a few more power points( We probably would have added these anyway but it felt good adding them in and still coming in under budget)

On Wednesday we had our contract appointment and all went very well except we had to add another $1200 to the house due to increasing the ceiling bats from R2.5 to R3.5 to meet 5 star energy requirements and we also increased the size of the kick boards for the bathroom and ensuite vanities from 703mm to 803mm. The standard height is 900mm but PD make them lower when you select the fish bowl above counter type sinks. While we think 900mm would be to high as the taps would be at chest level, a 200mm reduction was to much and would be unpractical (especially when T has a makeup and hair marathon before we go out).

At the end that cost us $74.

Today we received a phone call from our CSC and she told us that we had received developer approval on our plans and colours.

So all that needs to happen now is for a the bank to come to the party and formally approve the loan and we can sign our next 20-30years away.

I will post plans of the house soon.


BelleBeau said...

God, you guys are so lucky!!! Our site costs came in at 7.5K over budget! Good to hear that you at least were under budget. Great that you have developer approval as well. Looks like full steam ahead. Good luck with the bank!

Brett said...

Go the best insulation you can get, you'll thank yourself for it later. Not sure how they come to $1200 for upgrade...ah maybe thats the post contract signed price :-0