Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just about all Done and Dusted!

Well the house is looking like its just about ready for us to move in... I cant believe it still nearly 4 weeks away.

Temporary Fence has been taken away and the site has been cleaned up..... they even put dirt steps at all the doors.

Close up of feature pebbles.

Shower screens in.

Mirrors in.

Kitchen sink in.

Main bathroom... just one tap missing from the bath, paint behind the bath and the basin that needs to be replaced and we are all done in here...... the replacement basin was sitting in the pantry ready to be installed.

Yep its a shower!!!

And here is the dunny!!

Could have taken allot more photos of completed work.... but I didn't so here is a wrap up of what else has being done around the place:

* Electrical- Down Lights, Chinamen Hats, switches, Flood lights all done.... alas a double flood light is in the wrong spot and will need to be moved.

* Shower screens, Shower roses, taps all done.

* Range Hood installed.

* Shelving in all WIR and pantry complete.

There was also lots of markings on the ground where they are going to level the slab in preparation on installing flooring.

Oh and a cleaner has been though the house and done her thing.... the windows have come up a treat..... will be handy if I'm locked out next time I go down.

Cheers for now


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tiles Done! PCI and Handover dates given!!!!!!

On my normal Sat morning visit I was a little sad that I was locked out :( But I soon became Happy to see that the tiles had been finished :)

Ensuite..... was hard to get a photo because of the reflection.

Laundry... tiler did the right wall from the bench which is not the norm... but I wont say anything :)

Main Bathroom.... oh sexy in black.... the tiles are allot darker than the sample we had from NT, was meant to be more grey.... but I like the way they have turned out.
We were also given our PCI and handover dates.
PCI: 16/07
Handover: 23/07
Cant wait till I'm never locked out of my house again....(unless I really upset the other half.) :)
Cheers Cozmo

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tiles started and colour selection disaster averted!

Our tiling has finally started!! YIPPEE!

Went down down on site on Sat and meet with P our Tiler. This was so P could take me though the way he was going to lay the tiles and to show him exactly where are feature pebble strip will go.

Laundry all laid and ready to be grouted.

Throne room!

Ensuite was started while I was there with feature pebble strip.
The Colour selection disaster was the tile trimming that was selected was white in colour (I wont say who selected this colour except to say it was not ME!). P even said when he opened the tube of it from NT "What where you thinking when you chose that!". After talking with P about our options, P made a phone call and got the price of some nice silver trimming and I gave him the money to cover the cost..... so now we will have silver trim which will match the shower screen, taps, towel rail and door handles........ much happier with this and thanks to P for being flexible.

Front of the house and the moldings and garage infill have been painted.
P said he will finish by Wednesday or has to be as V(SS) has got the sparkies and plumbers booked to start on Thursday for their fitoffs.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just a quick note to say not much is happening at the house. The tiler still has not started (being waiting for 2 weeks) Internal door handles have been hung, garage door installed and the bench top in on(although it will have to come off when they replace the incorrect pot draws).

And on with the photos:
Internal door handles with privacy locks.

Another view of the same.

Pantry now with handles (same of kitchen cupboards).

Bench top is on.

Its called New Diamond White.

Extreme close up.

Garage Door in ironstone.

Also got a quote for the driveway, choose this mix from Cranbourne premix called the Maguire.
Hopefully the tiler will start this week, was hoping the House would be finished for the school holidays but that is looking very unlikely now.
Cheers for now