Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tiles Done! PCI and Handover dates given!!!!!!

On my normal Sat morning visit I was a little sad that I was locked out :( But I soon became Happy to see that the tiles had been finished :)

Ensuite..... was hard to get a photo because of the reflection.

Laundry... tiler did the right wall from the bench which is not the norm... but I wont say anything :)

Main Bathroom.... oh sexy in black.... the tiles are allot darker than the sample we had from NT, was meant to be more grey.... but I like the way they have turned out.
We were also given our PCI and handover dates.
PCI: 16/07
Handover: 23/07
Cant wait till I'm never locked out of my house again....(unless I really upset the other half.) :)
Cheers Cozmo

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Gaurav said...

Awesome work mate.

Your blog really helped us decide few things especially Bricks.

Jarrah bricks are looking awesome with Off-White Mortar.