Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just a quick note to say not much is happening at the house. The tiler still has not started (being waiting for 2 weeks) Internal door handles have been hung, garage door installed and the bench top in on(although it will have to come off when they replace the incorrect pot draws).

And on with the photos:
Internal door handles with privacy locks.

Another view of the same.

Pantry now with handles (same of kitchen cupboards).

Bench top is on.

Its called New Diamond White.

Extreme close up.

Garage Door in ironstone.

Also got a quote for the driveway, choose this mix from Cranbourne premix called the Maguire.
Hopefully the tiler will start this week, was hoping the House would be finished for the school holidays but that is looking very unlikely now.
Cheers for now


BelleBeau said...

Driveway quotes are a bit expensive aren't they? Benchtop looks good too. This part of the build just seems to take forever!


Toni said...

Hey Cozmo have you been in touch with Darren at Lifestone Paving yet? The house is looking great. regards Toni Lifestone Paving