Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Great Whiteout! - Painting photofest

We had a meeting with out SS V on Monday. He talked us through all the next steps to be undertaken and answered any questions we had( which there were many). We left the house feeling that our house is in very capable hands and that all our issues will be addressed.( Most of these are very minor).
The front render has had its first coat of surfmist applied and moldings put onto the front windows. Gutters and fascia have also had one cost of ironstone put onto them, with another to go.

All internal doors painted in Gloss Flokati... nice and shiny!

Kitchen and Dining, SS said the replacement pot draws have been ordered and the exposed end will be covered in vinyl wrap.

Bedroom 2

Laundry. Tiles will cover where it is not painted.

The abyss

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4 or study.

Bedroom hallway looking down towards bedroom 4.

Looking through void in rumpus.

Rumpus looking down to front door..... it seems so far away

Opposite view... from front door to rumpus..... there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Master bedroom.

More Master bedroom!

Up close and personal with the front door. Now with vanish.

Looking from dining to bedroom hallway.

Family room.

From down the street .

Closer look at the gutters and half painted beam.

Just love the front door!

Actually love the house full stop!
Now there will be no work at the house for the next few days as we are waiting for the tilers to begin, he has another house to finish and is expected at our house by Friday.
Tiling should take a week at most and then the final fit off can start... shower screens, tap ware and sparkies.
SS says barring any disasters we should have PCI in 4-5 weeks. So time to get some driveway/fencing quotes.

I know allot of people stop blogging about there build in the final weeks as it all gets very busy with packing/moving getting quotes etc. but I will try to keep the updates coming so you can get the complete picture of the build.
Cheers for now


Hels_n_Greg said...

It's all looking fantastic and great that you have got a timeframe for PCI. You must be very pleased so far :)

~ Hels ~

Anonymous said...

Looking fantastic!! Will be down there on sunday so I'll have to have a sticky beak up close.

xo Cara

BelleBeau said...

Hey Cozmo, great to hear that your SS is keeping things on track and was able to answer your questions. Facade looks great and the front door is gorgeous too. The house looks very light and airey with the white walls too.

4-5 weeks is not long at all, you'll need to start packing soon LOL.


Cozmo said...

Thanks for all the comments guys!

Yep very happy so far and yes need to get organised for the move... seems to be coming up alot quicker than I imagined. Getting a quote for the driveway on Sat...hopefully will leave us with some money after we finish... but I just know I will pick the most expensive mix in aggregates.

Tiler still has not started...hopefully tomorrow