Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ready Set...... Paint

An early morning Saturday visit and lucky for me a tradie was working, in fact the tradie was C our painter. C was a good bloke and gave me lots of info, like how long before I will need to repaint exterior woodwork and gutters etc. He also said that all the scribble I saw last time was put there by V our SS and he was surprised that the plasterers actually did came back and fixed everything up. He said overall the plaster work in our house is pretty good and we are lucky as he has been seeing lots of shoddy work of late.

Anyway enough gas bagging and on with the photos:

Our front door has been stained but it is still waiting on the Tri-Loc door handle and C to put on the vanish.

Not so clear but you can make out the name Flokati which will be all over the place. All walls and interior woodwork will be in Flokati so I hope we like it.

C would have had to get all the internal doors off that were hung so he can paint them. Here they have had the under coat done and will be finished in Flokati Gloss.

The House is looking better with every drop of paint. C was spraying the roof when I was in.

Good thing I got in while C was there 'cos I wouldn't have been able to see much as all the windows are covered in plastic.

I could have stayed at the house all day but I was probably holding C up a little as we were chatting.

More work has been done on the showers awaiting the tiler to begin.

Now that I am looking at this photo it seems to me that these taps are not centered. Dose not leave much room for the vertical feature tile which is meant to be on the right of the taps.

All covered up!

And our tiles have been delivered.

C said with any luck he should be finished on Wednesday. Tiling should being straight afterwards on the Thursday. So as we are only getting the bathrooms and Laundry Tiled maybe it could be all done by my next visit. (knock on wood)

Talking about next visit, I have requested a walk through with V since we got our fixing invoice and now we are on the hoe run I need him to put my mind at ease. I need to know that every issue we have raised is being taken care of and that all the smaller ones are in his radar well before we have PCI.

On that note I might have to start thinking about packing........Oh its getting close I can almost smell the finish line.

Cheers for now



BelleBeau said...

Yes, it certainly is getting close. Good to hear that you have a good painter because you will see those walls and doors every day. It's amazing watching the tiles on go, with the paint, it suddeenly seems very real.

After waiting what seems like forever for it to start, now it's seems like the build has been really quick for you. Hope your SS has all the issues sorted for you well before PCI.


Cozmo said...

I just spoke to my SS and have organised a walk though with me next Monday. He sounded very confident that all the issues are well in hand.

Kir and Liz said...
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Kir and Liz said...

Hi Cozmo!

Looks like you guys are cruising along and a great pace! Loving your front door! :D Great minds think alike! ;)

Hope everything keeps going smoothly for you!