Monday, May 11, 2009

Kitchen, Vanities, Washed Bricks, Render and Mr Squiggle

We were able to get inside for a bit of a look and as our SS had said Kitchen and Vanities were installed.

Here is our Kitchen, It is in Pearl Frost (White with silver specks) but from a distance it just looks white.

The pot draws are wrong. The top draw is supposed to be smaller (same size as cutlery)

A close up of the Pearl Frost Vinyl wrap. You still can not see the silver in the dull light of the house at the moment.

Oops, seems they wrapped the vinyl around the wrong end bit, leaving this bit with timber exposed.

These pot draws are correct here, you can see the cutlery draws are a bit smaller

I questioned if I could live them just as they are, but after going to a Friends house who has it the way I wanted it, its a no brainer ... PD will have to change them it what they are in the contract.

Ensuite, very happy with the colour (Milkwood). These will contrast nicely against the charcoal coloured tiles we will have in here.

Main Bathroom, will have same colours as Ensuite. The basin in here has an issue.

Mr Squiggle has been.... these are all over the place and I guess are from the SS or PD's independent inspector marking areas that require attention.

Another small issue with the rubber sills in the picture window not sitting correctly.

Damage near door handle in Laundry. Not sure if they are able to fix this as the door will be stained and not painted, maybe up for a new door?

The offending basin the the bathroom, looks like its got a bit zit (not that clear in photo but you can see it). Looks like its come from a factory seconds shop and that's were it will have to go 'cos we want this replaced.

Now I'm no expert but they have put the skirting in already but we will be having Tru-Loc timber floors installed (by PD) in the Family, Rumpus, Kitchen, Dinning and Entrance. Surly they will have to take this off to put the flooring in?

Bricks have now had their Acid wash and look better than ever :)

Front projection has had its first coat of render.

Most of the down pipes have being installed.

So that's how she's looking at the moment.
Overall I'm still very happy with the quality of the work, all builds with have some issues, it how they get fixed that will tell if PD can live up to their reputation of delivering a quality product.


Hels_n_Greg said...

The kitchen and vanities look great! What a shame that there are a few issues, but I'm sure they will get fixed soon.

With the tru-lock floors, we are having that in our master bedroom/WIR/retreat. They refuse to remove or lift the skirtings, instead they use edging strips, also known as quad. I asked if it could be painted to match the skirtings (which looks better) but I was told no as it comes already stained.

Anyway, check this out with your SS but I think you will find that's how they do it :(

~ Hels ~

Cozmo said...

Thanks Hels for the info, now you have mentioned it I remember that they had the quad in the display home as well so yes looks like that's the way it will be. Have sent an email with the issue and they have being passed to our SS to be "rectified".

I will be having a walk through with the SS when we get the fixing invoice (I think its on its way).

Cheers for now

BelleBeau said...


kitchen is looking great! It's really starting to look like house on the inside. Keep bringing up the bits and pieces with the SS, if you don't ask, you don't get.
Good to see that you are keeping it in perspective too, all builds have problems, it's how they deal with them that matters,