Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fully bricked up... well almost!

On Saturday we saw the bricking was 99.9% complete with just a few window sills to go and under a couple of the doors. Hopefully the rain stayed away long enough on Monday for them to finish it off.

With the bricks complete it means we are officially at lock up, so it was no surprise to find the lockup invoice in the letter box on Monday ( Oh dam do I really have to pay this one it kind of really BIG ).

The front projection has had the mortar done flush as this will be rendered.

Silly temporary fencing and rubbish pile getting in the way a good photo! We should have a site clean this week so we stacked a pile of bricks out the back that we wanted to keep.... or did we, I don't even know what I'm going to do with the bricks but our SS said if we wanted to keep any this was the weekend to move them so after a lot of procrastinating decided to move about a pallet of them.

Back of the house.

Alfresco pillars, for some reason I keep on visualizing walking into one of these babies and knocking myself out cold..... must remember not to have 2 many drinkies the first night we move in ;)

Blind side of the house.

Peeping inside through the windows we can see the internal doors have arrived.

And that the cornice's have been done and at the bottom of the picture you can just see the architraves awaiting installation.

Hopefully we will be able to get in this weekend to see what wonderful work the fixing carpenter has got up to this week.

Cheers for now

Monday, April 20, 2009

Locked up, Plaster and more bricks

Work at the house is going at a frantic pace, As I visited last weekend I was expecting to see just a bit more of the bricks done, so it was a shock to be locked out and see all the plaster up inside.
So as usual here is a whole lot of photos:

The sky is dark and ominous but DAM it makes the bricks look good. Very happy with the brick work so far. :)

Garage all plastered up.

Bricking has began on the left side of the house. It does look like we will have a fair few bricks left over. I'm not sure if I want to keep any left over bricks, after speaking with our SS today he said if we want to keep them we need to stack them at the back of the house, probably a job for this weekend as he said the bricks should be finished by the end of week.

As I was locked out all the inside shots have been taken though the windows so might not be really clear. This one is of the toilet...cos I know you wanted to see that!

The main bathroom. This blue plaster board is used in the wet ares, so I guess it must be water resistant.

Bedroom 3. Wardrobe on the right and hallway straight ahead.

Bedroom 4.

Looking from the window at the rear of the house into the rumpus. Void on the left, we hope to put a plantation shutter in this (Just like the display!).

Oh the rumpus again, you can really tell I like this room.

This will be our Kitchen. The Blue bit is were the fridge will go, with oven and cook top on the wall next to it.

Bricking in the Alfresco is complete apart from the pillars. This is also the first window the has had bricks put in underneath.

Courtyard with our NQR french door. Our SS said this will be fixed nearer to completion as many of the doors will need some form of adjustment.

Family Room. TV and stereo will go on this wall.

Another picture of the bricks. One thing to do if your selecting bricks for your new house is to go the manufacturers website and see what finish for the mortar they recommend with your bricks. It was recommended for a racked or rolled finish for ours, so we went with the rolled as we had paid for the upgrade to off white mortar. I think we have got it right as the mortar clearly defined without overpowering the colours of the bricks.

Master bedroom, looking at the walk in robe.

So whats next: Bricks finished by the end of the week (and probably a big fat invoice from porter), Fixing Carpenter starts next week and painting to begin in two weeks time. At this rate we should looking for a handover date in the next school holidays, which will make a nice and easy transition for Master C into his new school. (knock on wood).

Cheers Cozmo

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bricks, wires, pipes, doors and more

Had a couple of the of visits to the house and lots more has been happening, Electrical rough in complete, all plumbing rough in complete, insulation for the walls put in, all external door hung (except rear garage and the front door is just temporary) . The bricking has started.
So here are the photos in no real order:

A few holes have been made in the slab in a few places, I guess these will be patched up before any flooring is made but I will follow up with my SS to make sure.

House from the right side, not much change here.

Front right of the house shows the efforts of our brickies first two days of work.

Front of the house.

Temporary front door and a couple of the windows have had the black tape removed to show their bright whiteness, I think they look great but I know I will have to stay on top of keeping them clean so it stays that way.

The bricks are Boral Jarrah and I have noticed that they are very popular as I have spotted numerous other houses with the same bricks.

French doors for the lounge are hung, I have an issue with the one on the left as it is not hung at the same height as the on the right.

The slab has bits on bright paint here and there all over the place. The pink shows electrical work and the green is a duct for the central heating.

Bedroom 4 at the back of the house.

Bi-Fold doors are up. I couldn't resist and opened them right up so I could see what it was like, all I can say is they are going to be lots of drinks with friends in the rumpus and alfresco :)

The bath is in and nailed down.

Central heating unit is installed.

Along with all the duct work.

Insulation for the walls all complete, there was still six packs on the wall insulation left in the garage....mmm I wonder if we could use this to help insulate the internal walls of the master bedroom. Will have to ask our SS.

Here is the gap in the french door up the top, it is also noticeable from the inside so will have to be rehung.

Left side of the house really coming along now.

He might not be the neatest tradie (I'm yet to see one that is) but I could not fault his work to date. Our brickie worked on the house across the road ( A PD Francis 29)before he started on ours and his work there looks great so hopefully the is one area of the build we will not have issues.

A window...it is white.... The mortar will be off white once it dries (I hope!)

The infamous French doors again!

Close up of the Jarrah bricks sitting on a pallet.

Laundry door. All our external doors with be stained wattle dark oak.

And that's all for now, hopefully more to come soon!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Seems I left out the money shot of the roof in my post yesterday:
The tiles are from Boral but im not sure what the profile is called, but they are the builders standard range. The colour is Gunmetal. Just looked up the profile and it is Macquarie.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Roof Roof, sit, good boy

Another Sunday visit and lots more has happened, I put a few noggins in and then got a little camera happy:Here are the noggin's I put in for the towel rail in the main bathroom (can also see the toilet roll holder one behind)
Looking from the rumpus through the void into the family room.

Laurndry door and window for bedroom 2.

Door from garage into the house.

Front door with sidelights.

Front view, windows in, roof tiles done. There were 5 people working on the tiles and they knocked the hole jobs off in one day.

Our portaloo seems to have been upgraded with a "Prestige" PD sign. Gutters are up awaiting a lick of paint.

Really is looking like a house now.

Piles of sand have been delivered. This will be used for the bricking which should be starting today.

Looking from the courtyard.

Picture window that sits in the dinning.

Sliding door from the Alfresco to Dinning room.

Bi-Fold frame looking from the Alfresco into the rumpus.

Don Al Fresco

Water taps on the rear of the house, the one on the right is for recycled water.

Window in the rumpus.

The plaster is all ready waiting on site, Water plumbing has been done and it looked like part of the gas don't as well.

Well that's it for now, cant wait to see what has happened this week when we pay another visit this Sunday.