Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Roof Roof, sit, good boy

Another Sunday visit and lots more has happened, I put a few noggins in and then got a little camera happy:Here are the noggin's I put in for the towel rail in the main bathroom (can also see the toilet roll holder one behind)
Looking from the rumpus through the void into the family room.

Laurndry door and window for bedroom 2.

Door from garage into the house.

Front door with sidelights.

Front view, windows in, roof tiles done. There were 5 people working on the tiles and they knocked the hole jobs off in one day.

Our portaloo seems to have been upgraded with a "Prestige" PD sign. Gutters are up awaiting a lick of paint.

Really is looking like a house now.

Piles of sand have been delivered. This will be used for the bricking which should be starting today.

Looking from the courtyard.

Picture window that sits in the dinning.

Sliding door from the Alfresco to Dinning room.

Bi-Fold frame looking from the Alfresco into the rumpus.

Don Al Fresco

Water taps on the rear of the house, the one on the right is for recycled water.

Window in the rumpus.

The plaster is all ready waiting on site, Water plumbing has been done and it looked like part of the gas don't as well.

Well that's it for now, cant wait to see what has happened this week when we pay another visit this Sunday.

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BelleBeau said...

Well, they certainly have been busy at your house! The facade looks great from the street view. Are you happy with the way it has turned out so far?
It's cool being able to look out the windows and getting a feel for the rooms with the insulation on.
Looking forward to more pics!