Monday, April 20, 2009

Locked up, Plaster and more bricks

Work at the house is going at a frantic pace, As I visited last weekend I was expecting to see just a bit more of the bricks done, so it was a shock to be locked out and see all the plaster up inside.
So as usual here is a whole lot of photos:

The sky is dark and ominous but DAM it makes the bricks look good. Very happy with the brick work so far. :)

Garage all plastered up.

Bricking has began on the left side of the house. It does look like we will have a fair few bricks left over. I'm not sure if I want to keep any left over bricks, after speaking with our SS today he said if we want to keep them we need to stack them at the back of the house, probably a job for this weekend as he said the bricks should be finished by the end of week.

As I was locked out all the inside shots have been taken though the windows so might not be really clear. This one is of the toilet...cos I know you wanted to see that!

The main bathroom. This blue plaster board is used in the wet ares, so I guess it must be water resistant.

Bedroom 3. Wardrobe on the right and hallway straight ahead.

Bedroom 4.

Looking from the window at the rear of the house into the rumpus. Void on the left, we hope to put a plantation shutter in this (Just like the display!).

Oh the rumpus again, you can really tell I like this room.

This will be our Kitchen. The Blue bit is were the fridge will go, with oven and cook top on the wall next to it.

Bricking in the Alfresco is complete apart from the pillars. This is also the first window the has had bricks put in underneath.

Courtyard with our NQR french door. Our SS said this will be fixed nearer to completion as many of the doors will need some form of adjustment.

Family Room. TV and stereo will go on this wall.

Another picture of the bricks. One thing to do if your selecting bricks for your new house is to go the manufacturers website and see what finish for the mortar they recommend with your bricks. It was recommended for a racked or rolled finish for ours, so we went with the rolled as we had paid for the upgrade to off white mortar. I think we have got it right as the mortar clearly defined without overpowering the colours of the bricks.

Master bedroom, looking at the walk in robe.

So whats next: Bricks finished by the end of the week (and probably a big fat invoice from porter), Fixing Carpenter starts next week and painting to begin in two weeks time. At this rate we should looking for a handover date in the next school holidays, which will make a nice and easy transition for Master C into his new school. (knock on wood).

Cheers Cozmo


BelleBeau said...

WOW, that is very fast!!
Hope you weren't going to get it inspected! Seriously, the brick look great and it's all looking good.

Fingers crossed they keep up the pace for you.


Cozmo said...

Hi BelleBeau (aka Backpocket)and thanks for all your comments. We were going to get a inspection done if we had concerns about the build, but most things have ben done to a high standard and our SS is very good at laying any of our concerns to rest by keeping us informed on the progress. We did go in before the plaster was up with a measuring tape and spirit level and found everything in order.

Cheers Cozmo

PS Congrates on selling your current house!

Cara said...

Hi Cozmo,

House looks great, LOVE the bricks. We did go for a walk & I think I did see your place, they all look kinda similar at this stage lol. Stage 11 released on Sun & we will be first in line I hope. How long till you can move in?

Cara (from Homeone)

Cozmo said...

Hi Cara,

Hope all was well on the Sunday, it was a ugly day so hopefully that kept people away and you got ht e block you were after. As for moving in well I am hoping it will be around the next school holidays but I think it will be just after so roughly we are looking at 10 to 14 weeks but a lot of things can go wrong in that amount of time. Cheers Cozmo