Thursday, February 26, 2009

Action at the block......apparently

Yes it all has started, with site scape on Tuesday and would you believe we haven't even been down to the block to check it all out and probably wont for another week and by that time the slab will be laid (might have to make a visit tomorrow night).

On other news I received a call from our site supervisor who we will call V. He said we will have a slab on the 4th, then Frame on the 9th. First impressions is all good and I think I will get along with V just fine which will hopefully make it a much more enjoyable building experience.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Its now our bit of dirt!

We had settlement of the land last Tuesday. All went as per plan and now we officially have a mortgage to pay(or half a one).

Now for the fun part. Received a call from PD with news of a site start for Tuesday next week. Oh yeah!

One week later they will pour the slab and I will drink one ;)
Hopefully lots of photos coming soon