Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Great Whiteout! - Painting photofest

We had a meeting with out SS V on Monday. He talked us through all the next steps to be undertaken and answered any questions we had( which there were many). We left the house feeling that our house is in very capable hands and that all our issues will be addressed.( Most of these are very minor).
The front render has had its first coat of surfmist applied and moldings put onto the front windows. Gutters and fascia have also had one cost of ironstone put onto them, with another to go.

All internal doors painted in Gloss Flokati... nice and shiny!

Kitchen and Dining, SS said the replacement pot draws have been ordered and the exposed end will be covered in vinyl wrap.

Bedroom 2

Laundry. Tiles will cover where it is not painted.

The abyss

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4 or study.

Bedroom hallway looking down towards bedroom 4.

Looking through void in rumpus.

Rumpus looking down to front door..... it seems so far away

Opposite view... from front door to rumpus..... there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Master bedroom.

More Master bedroom!

Up close and personal with the front door. Now with vanish.

Looking from dining to bedroom hallway.

Family room.

From down the street .

Closer look at the gutters and half painted beam.

Just love the front door!

Actually love the house full stop!
Now there will be no work at the house for the next few days as we are waiting for the tilers to begin, he has another house to finish and is expected at our house by Friday.
Tiling should take a week at most and then the final fit off can start... shower screens, tap ware and sparkies.
SS says barring any disasters we should have PCI in 4-5 weeks. So time to get some driveway/fencing quotes.

I know allot of people stop blogging about there build in the final weeks as it all gets very busy with packing/moving getting quotes etc. but I will try to keep the updates coming so you can get the complete picture of the build.
Cheers for now

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ready Set...... Paint

An early morning Saturday visit and lucky for me a tradie was working, in fact the tradie was C our painter. C was a good bloke and gave me lots of info, like how long before I will need to repaint exterior woodwork and gutters etc. He also said that all the scribble I saw last time was put there by V our SS and he was surprised that the plasterers actually did came back and fixed everything up. He said overall the plaster work in our house is pretty good and we are lucky as he has been seeing lots of shoddy work of late.

Anyway enough gas bagging and on with the photos:

Our front door has been stained but it is still waiting on the Tri-Loc door handle and C to put on the vanish.

Not so clear but you can make out the name Flokati which will be all over the place. All walls and interior woodwork will be in Flokati so I hope we like it.

C would have had to get all the internal doors off that were hung so he can paint them. Here they have had the under coat done and will be finished in Flokati Gloss.

The House is looking better with every drop of paint. C was spraying the roof when I was in.

Good thing I got in while C was there 'cos I wouldn't have been able to see much as all the windows are covered in plastic.

I could have stayed at the house all day but I was probably holding C up a little as we were chatting.

More work has been done on the showers awaiting the tiler to begin.

Now that I am looking at this photo it seems to me that these taps are not centered. Dose not leave much room for the vertical feature tile which is meant to be on the right of the taps.

All covered up!

And our tiles have been delivered.

C said with any luck he should be finished on Wednesday. Tiling should being straight afterwards on the Thursday. So as we are only getting the bathrooms and Laundry Tiled maybe it could be all done by my next visit. (knock on wood)

Talking about next visit, I have requested a walk through with V since we got our fixing invoice and now we are on the hoe run I need him to put my mind at ease. I need to know that every issue we have raised is being taken care of and that all the smaller ones are in his radar well before we have PCI.

On that note I might have to start thinking about packing........Oh its getting close I can almost smell the finish line.

Cheers for now


Monday, May 11, 2009

Kitchen, Vanities, Washed Bricks, Render and Mr Squiggle

We were able to get inside for a bit of a look and as our SS had said Kitchen and Vanities were installed.

Here is our Kitchen, It is in Pearl Frost (White with silver specks) but from a distance it just looks white.

The pot draws are wrong. The top draw is supposed to be smaller (same size as cutlery)

A close up of the Pearl Frost Vinyl wrap. You still can not see the silver in the dull light of the house at the moment.

Oops, seems they wrapped the vinyl around the wrong end bit, leaving this bit with timber exposed.

These pot draws are correct here, you can see the cutlery draws are a bit smaller

I questioned if I could live them just as they are, but after going to a Friends house who has it the way I wanted it, its a no brainer ... PD will have to change them it what they are in the contract.

Ensuite, very happy with the colour (Milkwood). These will contrast nicely against the charcoal coloured tiles we will have in here.

Main Bathroom, will have same colours as Ensuite. The basin in here has an issue.

Mr Squiggle has been.... these are all over the place and I guess are from the SS or PD's independent inspector marking areas that require attention.

Another small issue with the rubber sills in the picture window not sitting correctly.

Damage near door handle in Laundry. Not sure if they are able to fix this as the door will be stained and not painted, maybe up for a new door?

The offending basin the the bathroom, looks like its got a bit zit (not that clear in photo but you can see it). Looks like its come from a factory seconds shop and that's were it will have to go 'cos we want this replaced.

Now I'm no expert but they have put the skirting in already but we will be having Tru-Loc timber floors installed (by PD) in the Family, Rumpus, Kitchen, Dinning and Entrance. Surly they will have to take this off to put the flooring in?

Bricks have now had their Acid wash and look better than ever :)

Front projection has had its first coat of render.

Most of the down pipes have being installed.

So that's how she's looking at the moment.
Overall I'm still very happy with the quality of the work, all builds with have some issues, it how they get fixed that will tell if PD can live up to their reputation of delivering a quality product.