Saturday, March 28, 2009

Matchstick city

Photo update from last sunday:
Left side of the house. The windows are stacked up waiting to go in.

Back of the house.

Right side of the house.

View from front right.

Front view. Portaloo still standing.

The laundry... looking even smaller. It is small so I guess we will have to keep the dirty pile under control :)

Some bits of wood. I will use some of these to put some extra noggin's in for towel holders ect.

Sliding door that will go off the dinning

From the rear of the house looking into bedroom 4.

Looking through the matchsticks.


Will go don this weekend and take a few more photos, roof should be nearly completely tiled and gutters should be up as well.


BelleBeau said...

Make sure you get some of the wood before the frame finishes. We thought the same thing and when the frame was finished, they cleaned up the site and took all the excess wood!! We have to "liberate" some off cuts from the builders rubble pile next door.

Amazing it looks big, then little then big again. At palster ours looked small but once the cornice has gone up it looks bigger, Weird! Go figure.


Brett said...
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Toni said...

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