Thursday, March 19, 2009

In Roof We Truss

The roof Trusses have arrived! Oh and the frame is coming along nicely as well.
Here are the pics:

Roof Trusses on the ground.

Roof trusses on the um... roof!

Roof trusses of the ground and the roof ( You just don't get this sort of quality commentary everyday )And the windows have arrived.

Looks like everything is in order........ hang on what about the temporary fence ? We still have not got one, Im sure this means PD are breaking some kind of law or why are we paying 1200 odd bucks for it! Anyway a email to our CSC and apparently it will be up next week. Talking about our CSC, ours is leaving PD and we will have a new one starting Monday, so I guess we will have to call the new one CSCv2. Hopefully CSCv2 is as good with the commuication as original CSC.

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BelleBeau said...

We had the same thing with the trusses. The biggest ones are put on the frame with a crane, very impressive.

Won't be long now and it will look like a real house with a roof and windows and everything.