Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is it a Greek garden?

No its our slab!

The slab was poured on Friday and we were able to go check it out on Monday. So without further ado here are some pics of a big bit of concrete:

So there you have it, with tipped over portaloo and all!

Spoke to V(SS) today and he said that the timber had been delivered for the frame, roof trusses are due on Friday so frame should be done by Wednesday next week.

He also said there will be a site clean up and a upright portaloo in the next day or so, with the temporary fencing going up.


BelleBeau said...

Whoo Hoo!! Great for you guys especially after the wait on finances. I can see you will be keeping a close eye on the build if the pictures are anything to go by LOL.


Helen and Greg... said...

Your slab is looking great! You are just a little bit ahead of us, we should get ours tomorrow :)