Monday, June 15, 2009

Tiles started and colour selection disaster averted!

Our tiling has finally started!! YIPPEE!

Went down down on site on Sat and meet with P our Tiler. This was so P could take me though the way he was going to lay the tiles and to show him exactly where are feature pebble strip will go.

Laundry all laid and ready to be grouted.

Throne room!

Ensuite was started while I was there with feature pebble strip.
The Colour selection disaster was the tile trimming that was selected was white in colour (I wont say who selected this colour except to say it was not ME!). P even said when he opened the tube of it from NT "What where you thinking when you chose that!". After talking with P about our options, P made a phone call and got the price of some nice silver trimming and I gave him the money to cover the cost..... so now we will have silver trim which will match the shower screen, taps, towel rail and door handles........ much happier with this and thanks to P for being flexible.

Front of the house and the moldings and garage infill have been painted.
P said he will finish by Wednesday or has to be as V(SS) has got the sparkies and plumbers booked to start on Thursday for their fitoffs.



BelleBeau said...

Good to hear that your tiler was flexible over your colour selection issue. Once the tiling was finished, its upposed to be about 4 weeks to PCI/Hanover. Have you got a date yet?


Cozmo said...

No date yet :( SS said he should have a date for us by the end of the week (probably next week)