Monday, August 17, 2009


Here are the pics of the driveway being laid:

It was kind of still dark when the boys from Mark Wood Paving Showed up!

The concrete truck from Cranbourne premix turned up at 7am..... yep still not much light!

Under the portico........ the concrete mix looks a lot like the stuff they use on roads at this stage except it looks as black as night.

The concrete came in 2 trucks...... the boys were a little worried as they had ordered one big truck but got 2 small ones. The problem with using 2 small trucks is if the second load of concrete comes a long time after the first lot, the first lot will set and if this happens would have to be ripped up and they would have to start all over again.... lucky Cranbourne premix is not that far away and the second load was there in about 40 minutes.

And here its is after the second truck The concrete is then smoothed all over to make sure the shape is uniform.

In fact, the guys were really fussy even though the top layer gets washed away. At this stage a retardant was sprayed on the concrete which prevents the top layer from setting.

Then a hose is used to wash the top layer away and "expose" the "aggregate".

With a little help from a broom.

All done...... in a little over 6 hours or so. Sorry not the best shot with the shadow. Anyway I am very happy with the colour of the mix.

The usual suspects! Joe (centre) and the guys from Mark Wood Paving have done a fantastic job and I highly recommend them for all you concreting needs. I will be getting Joe back to do our Alfresco/Courtyard and blindside of the house once I get some more dosh together!
Contact details for a great concreter:

Well that all from me for now


Caz said...

Hi Cosmo- LOVE the driveway!! Can I ask how many sq m your driveway was and how much it cost (if thats ok)? I love the expose aggy and am trying to find a cheap quote for our place (even though its 6months away :)

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