Monday, July 6, 2009

Carpet, Flyscreens, Spashback and a nice surprise!

Oh it was a muddy visit this weekend and I guess it was a good thing that I was locked out so I couldn't drag any mud through the house.... like I would!

I am trying to organise the fencing with the neighbours, I was successful in contacting the guys to the right of us who have just reached lockup (building with the big M). But on the left hand side is an empty block which belongs to Burbank. They currently have not sold this block and the person I spoke to was not sure of the procedure for Burbank themselves to pay for their half and redirected my phone call to another department but alas all I got was a voice message. I did leave a message but have not received a return call 1 week later..... fun times ahead chasing that one me thinks!

Anyway back to the house and the photos:

Flyscreens and Flyscreen door have been fitted.

Spashback in Dulux Sphathire Stone in and also for the keen eye the correct pot doors have been installed.

Carpet........ its pretty dark! But is a good match with the tiles.

And it was a nice surprise that our couch that we ordered 12 weeks ago is ready to be delivered and will be dropped off on the 28th of this month.

It is the Igloo from Nick Scali but ours will be in black.

PCI next week......cant wait!

Cheers for now



Anonymous said...

Hey Cozmo, house is looking great we had a look last week when we were out there. Would love to know who you got to do your fence if you are happy to share,one less thing to decide lol.
Good luck with PCI
Cara & Heng

Cozmo said...

Hi Cara and Heng,

We will be using:
Saxon Fencing: Phil Hudson 0419775259

and if you are looking for someone to do your Driveway try:

Mark Wood Paving: Joe 0419332623

cheers Cozmo

Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps