Monday, July 20, 2009


We had PCI last Thursday and I am delighted to say that we are very happy with the house and the Fact that we couldn’t even find 20 places to put red dots is a real testament to the great work done building our house. A special thanks to the General running the show, our SS "V" who has being a pleasure to deal with during the whole process. V can be hard to get a hold of sometimes but he did give regular updates and was always true to his word.

Of the red dots most were paint touch-ups which is a be expected and the painter was on site to fix them up straight away. Our painter "C" work is impeccable and you can tell he takes much pride in his work.

Other minor issues identified were:
* Broken storm water pipe out the front of the block
* A loose floorboard
* Section of kitchen where the dishwasher goes was not plumb
* Laundry Door to be replaced

AND THATS IT !!!!! :)

All I can say is that my build has being probably one of the smoothest you could ask for in this game and anyone who says negative comments about PD will only have it fall on deaf ears with me.

All set for handover this Thursday just waiting on the Bank and then the move on Sat.

Cheers for now


PS As we move who knows how long before we get internet back so if I don’t post for a while this will be the reason.


CaraAndHeng said...

Congratulations!!!! We need pics!
Good Luck with the move

Cozmo said...

Thanks Cara and Heng.... No Pics ... I did not pull out the camera during PCI as I didnt want to get distracted from finding faults..... I shount have bothered as there was not much to find and our SS found most of them. Anyway the pics from the last post is pretty much how she is looking.

We are just waiting on the bank to do the valuation..... the bloke at the bank said he did not know if it would be ready by thursday =:0

Anyway its out of our control now so we will just have to wait and see.


Hels_n_Greg said...

This is fantastic news, I am very happy that things have gone so smoothly for you. Be sure to post some pics of the finished product for us pic piggies :)
And don't be a stranger to your blog after handover, we want to see all the finishing touches and landscaping etc!!

Thanks for sharing the journey so far, it's been a pleasure following your build.

~ Hels ~

Lisa said...

Wow that is awesome!! You must be sooooo excited :D

Carlisle Homes - Building Madison 30 said...

That is excellent news! Congratulations :) It's great to hear when someone building has gone fairly smoothly!